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Contact us
Address: No.6, Changping Road, Economic Development Zone, Dafeng City, JiangSu Province, China
Contact: Ivan
Mob: 0086-13815566521
Fax: 0086-515-83855665
E-mail: sales@yearleap.com
Contact: Ron
Mob: 0086-15365710012
E-mail: info@yearleap.com
Web site: http://www.hugburiram.com

Company profile

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  Jiangsu year leap machinery CO., LTD located in the economic development zone of Dangfeng city, has superior geographical location and convenient transportation.
  The company covers an area of 17,000 square meters and has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 professional technicians. It is a professional manufacturer of compressor and air compressor. Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification by the end of 2004.
  Our company always provides the best service to customers with a pragmatic attitude, hard technology and rich experience. To win the trust of new and old customers with good reputation.
  The hope of our customers is the direction we are pursuing, and it is our wish to serve our customers wholeheartedly. Our factory is a perfect after-sales service, providing customers with advanced technology and reliable quality products.
  We sincerely thank all friends for their support and care in the past, and sincerely invite friends to create brilliant future together in the new century!

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Address No.6, Changping Road, Economic Development Zone, Dafeng City, JiangSu Province, China ContactIvan Mob0086-13815566521 Fax0086-515-83855665